Monday, January 23, 2012


A team to create TREASURY LISTS, have fun, share & promote our shops!

We are a very nice and supportive group, and will help each other as much as we can, our goal is to have a wonderful time making and promoting the treasuries. There will be some new rules on the TLF Team, but don´t panic! we understand that you have a life outside of this team and Etsy, so you ONLY HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN 2 ACTIVITIES PER WEEK (this would take you 30 minutes approx. each activity.) We ussualy spend more time than that online! And this would be great for your shop: you´re PROMOTING yourself!) Of course if you want to participate more you can do it too! :) But only 2 activities PER WEEK ARE REQUIRED IN THIS TEAM. To benefit from this team you MUST participate regularly!!

Expect me to post our treasury list here

Here is one from the last week:
N is for Nothing More, Nothing Less
(Way of saying that you are getting exactly perfect)

Fascinating eyecandies  from treasury
pale pink and pale black

 Skeletons of Summer I, Downloadable photograph

Flower with tear drop pearl Earrings

Gothic Glam Ring

Bridal Bouquet Burlap Roses Handmade Fabric Flowers

Big tin ring with  glass cabochon / Adjustable ring

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